Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best Eats in Winnipeg

So I feel as a Public Service Announcement I need to let all you wonderful people in on a incredibly delicious place Regan and I visited last night. Its a Lebanese quick service place in the North of Winnipeg (
1783 main street) and oh my garsh they ever have some of the best eats I have ever put in my mouth. Baraka Pita Bakery is my new go to place for fast and ridiculously delicious and authentic food from out side the standard fare.
There is no decor to speak of and to be honest it looks rough around the edges. When I walked in my first thought was it was either going to be fantastic or very very scary. Luckily it was the former. What I saw as soon as we walked in should have been my first clue that we had no reason to fear. There is a large flame filled oven out of which comes the most gorgeous pillowy yummy pitas you can imagine. They alone make the trip worth while. Between us we tried the beef donair, the chicken shwarma platter and a fatire. All of which were so very very good. The meal with drinks came to just around $20.00 for two very hungry people. the portions were realy substantial (I couldnt best the platter) and everything was fresh and enjoyable.
All though its mostly a take out place there is about a half doze tables as well as a selection of Middle Eastern food stuffs. Check out this link to their menu
and give them a try. The people behind the counter are more then warm and welcomming, so in fact are their customers. While I was looking over the posted menue trying to choose between just a pita or the platter I had a woman come up to me and start preeching to me on the highlights on the menu (everything) and what I simply had to try. I back her up and say the Chicken Shwarma platter is for sure the way to go. Next time I plan on trying their Falafels and am already hatchign a plan for another visit.

Good Daddy Moment

Another piece of evidence that I married the right man to Father my children; The drive by kisses. Regan on his way to get our daughter from the bath goes into the living room and plops a kiss on our sons head. Those are the moments I fall just that leeeettle bit more in love with him.

Mothers Day Micro Blogathon

So be forewarned, today there might be many a blog post. Its mothers day which means my loverly family is giving me the best gift which is an opportunity to sit in my PJ's all day doing what ever the sweet heck I want. Which oddly enough is watching them, blogging and drinking cafe mochas. So by tonight's mothers day extravaganza at my own mothers house, I will be on a caffinated high and sporting a pair of nasty googly eyes thanks to excess amount of screen time