Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This REALLY pisses me off.

This REALLY pisses me off. I found this image while looking for duck porn. That's what my husband calls my obsessive behaviour of searching the Internet for hours, merely looking at horses.

Some people don't deserve to own pets/livestock or have children. For the stupid dumb f*ckery of this image, this person deserves neither. Anyone who knows horses can see all sorts of catastrophes happening thanks to this dumb sh*ts urge to look good for the camera.

This stellar human being is longing a horse over a solid fence into a field filled with other horses. Stupid stupid stupid. By the looks of it the poor guy has to jump over a post which is right in front of the fence as well. Just as an aside, if that horse was to hit that fence the fence rails are positioned on the posts so that much damage would be done to the horses legs before the rail popped out. Again, stupid, stupid, stupid.

I just hope the twit of a woman has the skill to let out the line when that horse lands on the other side. That poor guy is giving it a good go. He is doing a good job cleaning up the humans mess, making sure things don't turn out tragic. The horses ability to be selfless in making the humans stay safe, and look good never sense to amaze me. I will say as well there is a healthy dose of self preservation as well, but even the fact his old guy approached the fence and is giving it a try says allot for his character. Consider that as a horse approaches a jump it disappears from view thanks to where their eyes are placed. This horse deserves an apology from its handler. It takes some sort of cruelty or spirit, mean spiritedness, or sheer ignorance to take that trust this horse is showing and abusing it in this way.

OK. Rant done.

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