Thursday, February 10, 2011

Second Best Conversation of the Day

Scene: In car on our way to pick Daddy up from work

"Mommy look! It's a hospital car!"
"Yeah it is Isla, we call it an ambulance."
"It going to hospital."
"Yep it is."
"Mommy I soooooo sick. My nose is broken."
"Hows your nose broken?"
"It hurts. Its got boogers."
"Yeah you do have a pretty bad cold."
"The booger water wont come out."
"Did you just say 'booger water'?"
"Yeah. My booger water can't come out... I need to go to the hospital."
"Isla, Mommy is putting this conversation on her blog."
**I wonder how much her therapy bills will cost me in 12 years**
"Mommy. I need to go to the hospital so my booger water comes out."
"Well, let's go tell your Dad. He's good at getting booger water to come out."

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