Monday, March 21, 2011

Best conversation of the day, or where in Isla makes detailed travel plans.

Scene; kitchen, dancing around to the music in her head

"Thats Colin. Hes a baby. But your pure Mommy and I'm pure pure Isla!!"
"Yes, yes you are pure 100% Isla."

Scene; Sitting on the couch reading a travel blog, watching the accompanying video.

"I wanna go there, I wanna go to the blamterm feshtable! I'm gonna go there today when it's dark tonight. Let's take Colin Mommy. We're gonna go there. Let's go get Daddy!"

We proceeded to watch the video ad nauseam.

Scene; Getting dressed to go to the dreaded grocery store with her Dad.

"Isla we've got to get ready, we are going to drive to the store."
"What store?"
"Lets go, you'll see when we get there."
"I know! We're going to the Bella Sara store in San Fransisco!"
"No, not quite Isla. We can't drive to San Fransisco tonight."
"But we can take an airplane!"
Regan looks at me.
"This is going on your blog isn't it?"
"You better believe it." I say.

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  1. My goodness she is adorable :) I love your little conversations!!!