Saturday, September 3, 2011

Best Conversation of the Day:

Setting: In the car on the way to yuppy heaven, the farmers market

Regan: rant...rant...rant.... should just go to WAR and blow themselves up... rant... rant... rant
Christine: "Regan, calm down, little pitchers have big ears."
Regan: "Christine she doesnt even know what war is!"
Christine: "Are you so sure about that?? She just told you you were her 'assistant when she investigates danger.' "
Regan: "Isla, do you know what war is?"
Isla: "War?"
Regan: "Yeah war. What does the word war mean?"
Isla: "Well..."
Christine gives Regan the stink eye.
Isla: "It's this big big big beautiful bird. It's so so special and flys all around. Its big big but not so big and it flies to the pink Bella Sara horses...."


  1. I want to take all your islaisms and facebook isla comments and make a book. nut unfortunately face book doesn't let me go very far back.


  2. I was criticizing the Canadian Forces policy of believing that anyone with an Arts degree is more qualified to be an officer than I am. You make it sound like I was promoting war between Quebec and New Brunswick, which I haven't done in over three weeks.