Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Are you Funking Kidding Me?? A post in which I get overly dramatic about a TV show.

Now I have never really gotten into the whole reality TV thing. That fad by and large just washed by me. Beyond a few episodes of The Amazing Race and maybe a few minutes of American Idol if nothing else was on I didn't tune in. I didn't understand the interest in it. Frankly my reality is dramatic enough I don't need to watch someone else's pseudo reality as entertainment.
That was before I was messing around on YouTube with Isla a few weeks ago and came across this and this and this. Then I began to watch, and watch and watch. I have totally developed a girl crush on Crystal Bowersox. She is the best I have seen on the random moments of the show I have tuned in for, and is phenomenal on YouTube. Regan can't stand to watch with me because I have to constantly flip over whenever they decide to make the contestants engage in some sort of abomination of a musical medley or some sort of demented advertisement. But even still between all the channel flipping, the hair gel of a certain Mr. Seacrest and the shouting of "Dawg", I still found a new musician to follow and cheer on. Thats why tonight when that other guy won (Lee Dewyze) I was floored.
A relative pointed out the main body of the voting audience is teenage girls so it figures that the dude with the soulful eyes and strategically messy hair would win over the mom with the dreads.

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