Sunday, May 30, 2010

It Was My Birthday I Can Change My Mind If I Want To.

So last post I said I was going to review Ducky's Fish and Chip shop, and Kawaii Crepes. Well neither happened. What did happen is the heavens opened up and dumped enough rain that Noah would have felt at home.
Not conducive for a person like my self to be encouraged to leave the house. So instead my lovely husband went of a fish run. He went to Fergies Fish and Chips at a local market place/tourist trap, The Forks. He brought home a fmaily bucket of chips and Pickerel fish. My Dr told me the safest fish for a pregnant lady such as myself is local caught Pickerel fish, so as its also Regan's favorite we sat down to a feast of grease and fish and potatoes. The amount of fish was enormous. It would have easily fed another adult or two.
The amount of chip on the other hand, pretty sparse.
The fish itself I think suffered form the drive to our house. 90% of it was still crispy and delicious but 1% was already starting to get soggy. An odd aside, Regan was convinced that one of the small pieces we got was actually Halibut. It must have been left over from the previous batch in the fryer.

The french fries were perfect. The right level of salty and fresh cut. Over all I would give it a *** out of five stars. The price was right at $25.21 for a large portion for 3-4 adults, with plenty of fishy left overs, if you like your fish batter congealed the next day.
There was so much fish eaten by yours truly and the water being dumped on us from the sky that Kawaii Crepes didn't happen either. But I can say that after taking another perusal of their on-line menu, that will be changing very soon.

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