Sunday, February 15, 2009

She returns victorious ????

So its the day after my Micheal's run. That place exhausts me. I mean afterwords, for the rest of the day I was bone weary. Mentally exhausted. I had made this trip with my intrepid sister and at one point I was convinced Micheal's had eaten her. I searched and searched and searched but the walls of frames, do it your self rugs and paint by numbers had seemed to swallow her whole. I mourned and then picked out another roll of ribbon. After I found her and we escaped from Micheal's we discussed our mutual psychological exhaustion and emotional rawness back at her house. We realized its because that place demands that you must pay attention to what you are buying and you have to make decision after decision after decision. And quite soon after you enter through their doors you loose all sense of perspective. You begin to think that choosing the right kind of glitter might be the single most important decision of your entire life. At one point yesterday I was convinced that my choosing the exact right dye to dye the fondant for baby girls cake might either make or break baby girls whole birthday. Never mind that but, THAT DYE COULD RUIN MY BABY GIRLS WHOLE YEAR!! I felts for a brief moment that if the fondant wasn't the exact right colour that would meant hat obviously all the guests would think that I love baby girl less and that I am obviously a failure as a mother. The panic was sitting in the back of my throat, and I knew I had to back away from the cake decorating aisle. Quickly. I managed to get what I needed in under 2 hours. (well done me)
So today I am attempting to start my trial run of the birthday cake to end birthday cakes. It will be large, round, green and hopefully have an Iggle Piggle on it. Internets, stay tuned in. Photos to come.

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